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Training for K-12 education professionals

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White male in blue pants and button down shirt standing in front of an easel conducting a professional development training for k-12 educators.

Training Benefits

Overall reduction of on-the-job staff injuries and missed work days

Flexible and convenient scheduling options for staff professional development

A school environment with fewer disruptions and calls
for assistance

Curriculum developed based on real-world feedback from educators ensuring relevance

Increased staff confidence and competence in dealing with unwanted student behaviors

Decrease in the number of physical interventions and restraints

Instructor Facilitated Courses

A group of approximately 12 people seated, attending a crisis intervention training who are looking at and listening to someone who is not pictured in the photo. The wall behind them is older brick and to the left of the group are windows which are letting in a significant amount of light. In the front row is a smiling African American woman with her hand raised. A few other members of the audience are also smiling.

Physical Intervention

This restraint training course focuses on providing staff with reasonable and responsible physical intervention skills for those critical moments when a member of the school community's safety is at risk. 

A female teacher sitting next to and de-escalating a young student in a blue colored school corridor that has wooden floors. The teacher, who is wearing a blue button down shirt and black pants, has her left elbow on her knee and left index finger and thumb resting on the left side of her face. The little girl who appear to wearing a school uniform, is also seated, appears upset and has her right elbow in her lap while her right hand is covering the right side of her face.

Verbal De-escalation

Having flexible and adaptive de-escalation strategies to effectively calm students who may be having various emotional issues can be a crucial skill for anyone working in education.

A casually dressed African American educator sitting in school hallway next to and trying to form a relationship with a female elementary school student

Managing Behavior
Through Relationships

By prioritizing relationship building, educators can transform classrooms into environments where students feel valued and safe, leading to a natural reduction in disruptions and conflicts.

A young, confident, smiling Asian female teacher facing the camera with her arms crossed. She is wearing a green sweater and is standing in front of two wall mounted white boards.

Personal Safety Skills
For Educators

This safety skills course has been crafted to provide educators with strategies to enhance the prevention of physical aggression that can sometimes be exhibited by escalated students. 

Coming Soon!

Online Courses

A casually dressed African American educator sitting in school hallway next to and trying to form a relationship with a female elementary school student

Maganging Behavior
Through Relationships

Adult hands typing on a laptop on a desk to fill out an incident report.

Incident Report Writing
For Educators

Group of teenagers with young male teacher in a classroom, sitting and talking together about conflict resolution.

Conflict Resolution
For The Classroom

An adult female teacher sitting outside on concrete steps talking to a female teenage student who is smiling and listening intently.

Talking So
Kids Will Listen

A young woman walking in the afternoon hand in hand with a smiling special needs Down Syndrome female.

Working With Special
Needs Students

Young and well dressed elementary school therapist using positive reinforcement by giving a happy child a high five after successful completion of a task.

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Participant Comments

I just wanted to thank you again for providing this training.
I found it not only informative, but also empowering

Excellent program and
excellent speaker. I got a
lot of information from it.

This was the most organized, well prepared, and thorough training I have ever attended. Thank you very much!

We should have more teacher professional days like this one! The best to date!

I left the training feeling confident I could safely intervene if necessary.
- Andre Anderson

Another training I did was unrealistice compared to this one! - Chris Dunn

It was really good. Exceeded my expectations.

Your work with our team was stellar! - Joey Kotright

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Trusted By

Chicopee Public Schools

Longmeadow Public Schools

The Valley West School

East Longmeadow Public Schools

Embracing The Creative Child

Hampshire Regional Schools

Pathfinder Tech

Positive Behavior Supports Corp

Central Mass Collaborative

Belchertown Public Schools

Orange Public Schools

Springfield Prep Charter

Ludlow Public Schools

Petersham Schools

2024 - 2025
Crisis Intervention Training

Refresher Training

June 21, 2024Chicopee ComprehensiveFULL
August 8, 2024450 Banquets20
August 15, 2024Springfield Prep0
Aug 27, 2024 (12PM - 3PM)Hampton Inn10
Aug 28, 2024Hampton Inn30
Sept 5, 2024Hampton Inn36
Sept 26, 2024Hampton Inn36
Sept 26, 2024 (3PM - 6PM)Hampton Inn36
Oct 3, 2024Hampton Inn36
Oct 24, 2024Hampton Inn36
Oct 24, 2024 (3PM - 6PM)Hampton Inn36
Oct 25, 2024Hampton Inn36
Nov 14, 2024Hampton Inn36
Dec 12, 2024Hampton Inn36
Dec 12, 2024 (3PM - 6PM)Hampton Inn36
March 5, 2025 (3PM - 6PM)Hampton Inn36
March 6, 2025Hampton Inn36

Initial (FULL) Training

Sept 7, 14, 2024 (Sat)Hampton Inn36
Oct 1, 2, 2024Hampton Inn36
Oct 16, 17, 2024Hampton Inn36
Dec 9, 10, 2024Hampton Inn36
Feb 5, 6, 2025Hampton Inn36

INTENSIVE Needs Training

TBDHampton Inn25
TBDHampton Inn25

The Hampton Inn is located at 600 Memorial Drive, Chicopee MA

450 Banquets is located at 450 Memorial Drive, Chicopee MA

Crisis Intervention (Restraint) Training

Frequently Asked

ALL Crisis Intervention (restraint) Training sessions spots are reserved by a designee of the school district.

Please contact your administrator to be added to a training. 

You will be required to make up any missed time at a different training.

The FULL Training is approximately 3.0 hrs of online course work plus 9.0 hrs (1.5 days) of in-person training.

The Crisis Intervention Refresher Training is approximately 2.0 hours of online course work and then 3.0 hours (1/2 day) of in-person training. 

The Intensive Needs Training is 3.0 hrs of in-person training. There is currently no online component. 

Only staff who have passed the Crisis FULL or Refresher training and have a valid certificate may attend the Intensive Needs Training

Unless otherwise instructed, ALL in-person sessions start at 8:30AM

The Refresher Training will end at 11:30AM

Unless otherwise instructed, ALL in-person sessions start at 8:30AM

Day one for the FULL Training will end at 3:00PM and day two at 11:30AM

Yes. School staff are free to observe the training. 

Receiving a certificate however requires completion of the online portion and full participation in the in-person session. 

No. Arrangements will be made for you to attend a different session when you and or your health care provider deems it appropriate for you to participate.

You will not be allowed to attend the in-person training if you have not finished the online portion of your training. 

No. Training from other providers are not accepted as proof of competency. 

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