Crisis Intervention Training

Helping to keep k-12 school students
and staff safe during difficult times

Intervention Courses


Intervention Full Training

This in-depth 16 hour blended training covers a variety of topics, emphasizing both de-escalation strategies as well as specific steps to try and prevent behavioral crisis from occurring in the first place. A situation that no one wants to see happen is either a student or staff member getting injured during an intervention. For that reason heavy emphasis will be placed on how staff can intervene in not only the safest but most reasonable way possible.


Intervention Refresher

This yearly intervention refresher training is meant to provide staff with a review of the information and skills learned in the previously attended FULL Intervention training. The refresher training will include but not be limited to a review of all physical intervention skills, verbal de-escalation methods, intervention best practices, and the impact of restraint. Participants will also be tested on knowledge of the state regulations on physical restraint.

Intensive Needs

Intensive Needs Training

The INTENSIVE NEEDS training is designed to help public school staff who are dealing with more difficult students and scenarios. This one day course will focus on personal safety skills (i.e. physical redirection, releases from grabs and holds etc), two-person escorts, and supportive floor holds. Heavy emphasis will be on staff and student safety as well as communication and teamwork.

Participant Comments

"This was the most organized, well prepared, and thorough training I have ever attended. Thank you very much!"

Excellent program and excellent speaker. I got a lot of information from it.

"We should have more teacher professional days like this one! The best, to date!."

"The training covered what I needed."

"The training went well and I feel that the instructor kept students on task and focused so it will be done correctly."

"It was really good. Exceeded my expectations."

I just wanted to thank you again for providing this training. I found it not only informative but also empowering. It gave me confidence that I can handle myself and my emotions in any given situation.

Some of Our Customers

Chicopee Public Schools
Longmeadow Public Schools
The Valley West School
Oxford Public Schools
East Longmeadow Public Schools
Hatfield Public Schools
Springfield Prep Charter
Hampshire Regional
Belchertown Public Schools
South Hadley Public Schools
Ludlow Public Schools
Quabbin Regional Schools

2021 - 2022 Training Schedule

Please bring proper masks/face coverings to your training session.

Intervention Refresher Training

The Intervention Refresher training will be in two parts.
Part one will be an online portion
which must be completed
before attending part 2
(this 3.0 hr in-person session).

Dates Location Available
September 23 Hampton Inn Chicopee 10
September 30 Hampton Inn Chicopee 10
October 14 Hampton Inn Chicopee 36
October 21 Hampton Inn Chicopee 16
October 28 Hampton Inn Chicopee 36
Novemer 4 Hampton Inn Chicopee 20
November 18 Hampton Inn Chicopee 20
December 9 Hampton Inn Chicopee 36
February (TBD) Hampton Inn Chicopee 36

Intervention Full Training

The FULL Intervention Training will now be in two parts.
Part one will be an online portion
which must be completed
before attending part 2
(this 1.5 day in-person session).

Dates Location Available
September 27, 28 Hampton Inn Chicopee 20
October 25, 26 Hampton Inn Chicopee 30
November 15, 16 Hampton Inn Chicopee 30


Sometimes students can behave in ways that are unsafe not only for themselves, but for other members of the school community. In order to keep students safe in these situations staff may be required to use some form physical intervention.

The philosophy of the Crisis Intervention Solutions courses is two-fold. First is that physical intervention should be considered an emergency procedure of last resort after other non-physical interventions have either been tried and failed or deemed inappropriate. And second, if staff are ever required to physically intervene it should be done in the safest, most reasonable and respectful manner possible and with the least amount of force necessary to provide for the safety of a student.

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