Crisis Intervention Training

for Education Professionals

Training Courses


Crisis Intervention


Course Includes:
All Level 1 information
Physical Intervention skills
Personal Safety Skills
Team intervention suggestions
Scenario discussion/review
Practicing of holds

Online coursework
9.0 hrs in-person

Intensive Needs

Crisis Intervention

(Intensive Needs)

Course Includes:
Three and four person holds.
Staff and student safety
Dynamic communication
Teamwork Intervention
Practicing of holds
Scenario discussion

Be current with Basic Level
6.0 hrs in-person



Course Includes:
De-escalation Goals
De-escalation Keys
De-escalation Approaches
Pre De-escalation Skills
De-escalating as a Team
De-escalation Roadblocks

Online coursework
3.0 hrs in-person


Personal Safety Skills
for Educators

Course Includes:
Avoidance strategies
Situational awareness
Releases from holds/grabs
Deflecting kicks or strikes
Safety positioning
Team safety

Online coursework
6.0 hrs in-person



Crisis Intervention Solutions has been providing intervention and personal safety training since 2001. During that time we've conducted hundreds of courses for thousands of participants.

The philosophy behind the training courses is simple...

  • Do everything possible to prevent or de-escalate crisis.
  • Act in a reasonable, professional, and responsible way.
  • Use physical intervention as an emergency procedure of last resort after other non-physical interventions have either been tried and failed or deemed inappropriate.
  • Apply any physically intervention in a safe and respectful manner and with the least amount of force necessary to provide for the safety of an individual.

Some of Our Customers

Chicopee Public Schools

Longmeadow Public Schools

The Valley West School

East Longmeadow Public Schools

Embracing The Creative Child

Hampshire Regional Schools

Hatfield Public Schools

Central Mass Collaborative

Belchertown Public Schools

Springfield Prep Charter

Ludlow Public Schools

Hampden Wilbraham Schools

Participant Comments

"This was the most organized, well prepared, and thorough training I have ever attended. Thank you very much!"

Excellent program and excellent speaker. I got a lot of information from it.

"We should have more teacher professional days like this one! The best, to date!."

"The training covered what I needed."

"The training went well and I feel that the instructor kept students on task and focused so it will be done correctly."

"It was really good. Exceeded my expectations."

I just wanted to thank you again for providing this training. I found it not only informative but also empowering. It gave me confidence that I can handle myself and my emotions in any given situation.

Frequently Asked

For Refresher Trainings, spots are reserved by a designee of the school district through simply emailing Crisis Intervention Solutions with:

  1. the number of spots needed and for which training
  2. the names of participants

For staff who need the FULL Training please provide both names and email addresses. 

New school districts - please fill out the contact form below to get started. 

The FULL Training is approximately 3.0 hrs of online course work and 9.0 hrs (1.5 days in-person). 

The Refresher Training is approximately 90 minutes of online course work and then 3.0 hours (1/2 day) of in-person training. 

The Intensive Needs Training is 6.0 hrs (one day).

Only staff who have passed the LEVEL 2 training and have a valid certificate may attend the Intensive Needs Training

Unless otherwise instructed, ALL in-person sessions start at 8:30AM

The Refresher Training will end at 11:30AM

Day one for the FULL Training will end at 3:00PM and day two at 11:30AM

The INTENSIVE NEEDS Training will end at 3:00PM

The ONLY course that does not require hands-on participation is LEVEL 1 training.

LEVEL 1 does however require 3.0 hrs of observation at an
in-person Refresher Training.

No. Arrangements will be made for you to attend a different session when your health care provider deems it appropriate for you to participate.

You will not be allowed to attend the in-person training if you have not finished the online portion of your training. 

No. Certifications from other training organizations are not accepted. 

2022 - 2023 Training Schedule

Refresher Training

Dates Location Available
Aug 26, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -
Aug 29, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -
Aug 31, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -
Sept 7, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -
Sept 29, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -
Oct 3, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -
Oct 20, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -
Oct 27, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -
Nov 8, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -
Dec 2, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -
Dec 8, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -
Feb 15, 2023 Hampton Inn Chicopee 36
March 2 , 2023 Hampton Inn Chicopee 36

FULL Training

Dates Location Available
Oct 5, 6, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -
Oct 18, 19, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -
Nov 29, 30, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -


Dates Location Available
Oct 17, 2022 Hampton Inn Chicopee -

The Hampton Inn Chicopee is located at 600 Memorial Drive (next to Starbucks Coffee)